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 Meet Zoe 


HI! I'm Kendra Zoe Parker – Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and IFBB Professional Athlete. 


As a former high school and college track athlete, I lived a mostly active lifestyle, but lost sight of how my body was changing (for the worse) as the years rolled by. I grew increasingly annoyed at my reflection; realizing that the old diet and workout patterns were not working for my physical goals, and changing physique.  After years of weight gain and loss, diet attempts, successes, failures, plateaus, and unhealthy eating, I made the decision embark on this journey – for a sustainable, fit lifestyle. 

I sought out, and became inspired by, talented and dedicated fitness professionals who guided and taught me about the relationship between diet and exercise.  As my workouts and nutrition got dialed in, I started to see the body I dreamed of and eventually was convinced to enter my first bodybuilding competition (which I won)!!  After another amateur competition win, I qualified for my first National Physique Committee (NPC) National competition which I won and earned my International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Professional status; less than a year into competing. By this point, I knew that there are a set of components - essentially an individual formula based on a person’s personality, body type and fitness goals - that determined what that body would do and could become. 

In 2020, however, everything fitness-related came to a halt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer; a life-altering diagnosis which left me devastated. As I went through the cancer treatment process, I came to realize the true power of positivity, spirituality, and of having a strong, positive mindset. I believe that I was able to improve my treatment experience because instead of harboring catastrophic thoughts, my mindset shifted to the best possible outcomes;  viewing my body as capable, resilient and healed.

Now I truly see each day as a blessing with a fervent belief in the power of positive thinking. There is a renewed focus on mental as well as physical transformations in all my fitness programs.  As I continue to challenge my physical and mental limits,  I want to do the same for anyone who may feel that creating a sustainable health and fitness lifestyle is too hard. THIS IS MY PASSION. My workouts and fitness programs are serious business, but I approach them with high energy and fun, positive vibes. And why not? Being able to create new versions of yourself through exercise and healthy eating habits is a blessing and something to be giddy about.

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