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Personal Training 

Based on your body-type, current weight, fitness goals, dietary restrictions, and workout location (gym or home), your personal training program will be designed to change your relationship with diet and exercise; helping you to develop habits that are healthy, sustainable and GET YOU RESULTS!



  • Free initial consultation including body scan analysis and macro nutrient breakdown

  • 3 scheduled 1-on-1 sessions per week (in-person can only be in the South Florida area only, virtual will be via Google Meet)

  • Personal Training Diary/Log*

  • * Does not apply to A-La-Carte sessions.  Nutrition programs can be purchased by CLICKING HERE

Three-month minimum commitment is recommended to see best results . Payment method will be charged every month. Cancel anytime with 30-day notice. Pay as you go options are available at $35 per hour with no monthly commitment.

Groups of two or more. Session length is one hour.  Group training is a great way to save on the cost of personal training sessions. Each member of your group can have differing goals!

Pay as you go; workout as you need.

Have more questions? Please email me at

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