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The Body X Goddess Blueprint


BECOME YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRAINER AND DIY YOUR DREAM BODY! This comprehensive course will teach you how to create and master your own diet and exercise plans. Become a Body X Goddess; empowered to take the reigns of your health and wellness journey so you can design the life of health and happiness you deserve. MODULE ONE - MINDSET MASTERY - Effective goal setting - Connecting with your "why" - Steps to eliminate self-limiting thoughts - Development of your growth mindset - Meditation and breathing - Elimination of old beliefs about weight loss and fitness - Empowerment through self awareness and willpower MODULE TWO - EXERCISE PROGRAMMING & DESIGN - Exercise and fitness terminology - Assessment of your workout personality - Determination of suitable training methods - How to design fitness plans to meet your goals - Exercise types and variations MODULE THREE - NUTRITION MANAGEMENT - The relationship between food consumption and weight loss - Macronutrient management - Calculating caloric requirements to meet your body goals - Meal plan development and daily meal structure - How to adjust macros to match your changing goals MODULE FOUR - HORMONES & FITNESS - Role of hormones in weight management - Natural and dietary methods of managing hormones - Pre and post-menopause exercise and nutrition

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